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Your kitchen backsplash can do a lot for the room, with excellent décor matching visuals, impressive durability, and a lifespan that means you may never have to replace the materials once in place. Instead, choose from a variety of materials, each with its own set of characteristics and benefits. If you would like to know more about the products and how they can work for you, read along here.

Our materials serve your need for the perfect backsplash

If you choose backsplash tile, you will find the material meets several needs all at the same time. For instance, a strong visual appeal is always available, with solid colors, patterns, formats, and installation techniques that work toward your requirements. Mix and match until you are content with the results for a personalized experience that can never be replicated.

But these materials are just as durable, which is a requirement for every homeowner, especially in the kitchen. Tile offers an imperviousness to liquids that keeps stains at bay and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria all at the same time. It is a great way to not only protect your walls but create a more breathable quality of air as well.

With proper installation and maintenance, these materials can easily offer you a lifespan that averages 50 years or more. Be sure to ask about grout work and sealant requirements and whether resealing is required for the specific product you choose. You will appreciate the hard-wearing durability, the beautiful visuals, and the ease of maintenance that repays you with a lifespan you can enjoy through the years.



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Castle Floors offers an excellent selection of products and services, all geared toward creating the perfect experience for your remodel of any size. In addition, we offer consultations in-house and estimates and measurements that will help you plan the perfect room. Our associates understand that these pieces are foundational to the functionality of your kitchen, and we are happy to answer all your questions.

From our Mesa, AZ showroom, we serve the areas of Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, and Chandler, AZ. When you are ready to get started, we would love to assist you and invite you to visit us any time. You are sure to find every option for the perfect backsplashes and more, so be sure to visit us at your convenience.