Here are some facts about luxury vinyl flooring you don’t want to miss

When you choose luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring, you select a wealth of benefits all in a single product. They not only offer lifespans that average 20 years or more, but they also provide outstanding visuals and durability, helping you create the flooring you have always wanted. If you need more information about these impressive materials, be sure to read along with us here.

Vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring can make all the difference

Both LVP and LVT flooring offer outstanding options that could help you create the flooring you have always wanted, with impressive qualities you will be happy to take advantage of. While the format differs between these two materials, you will find they perform very much alike, to serve you in various ways.

You will have access to the visual options, including several colors, patterns, designs, and materials that simulate natural hardwood, tile, and stone for the best décor match possible. Even if you are not entirely sure about the look you want, browsing our inventory could give you some great ideas, allowing you to settle on the best choice before you leave. It is worth your time to consider options that genuinely meet your needs and passing over those that do not.

For durability, you will find attributes that cater to your every need. Consider the top wear layer, which is available in various thicknesses, to help cater to your need for protection from wear. The suitable core layer can also work to your advantage, providing the waterproof protection you need in any room of your home.

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If you look for the perfect floor covering, look no further than Castle Floors. Here, you will find plenty of material options to help create the décor matching elegance you want and need, as well as services that bring everything together nicely. So choose us today for affordable materials with free consultations and estimates on the flooring of your choice.

From our showroom in Mesa, AZ, we serve the residents in Mesa, AZ, Tempe, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, and Chandler, AZ, and we would like to work with you as well. Bring your preferences and requirements, and let us help you turn them into your dream flooring today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect luxury vinyl plank flooring for any size project.